A long wait

Unfortunately, I usually get a little impatient when it comes to waiting for kaalus to post, the reason being I don’t know when to expect one. For this reason, I will ty to post at least once every weekend. If I happen to have spare time, I will try to post new whatnots of what’s going on in game during the week. I will also try to update on worlds I make, which I will give links to. PS please notify me of any worlds titled “blob10” that was my old username but it stopped working and I had to make a new one.


What I mean by “epic”

If you want to post an epic world, I will show you my standards.

Castle: at least 2000 stone type blocks other materials are optional

House: 500 blocks of any sort, must be furnished on inside

City: my expectations are dull, make it realistic to add any link, oh and make it big

Movie scene: to make something from a movie, make it as close as possible and use texture packs to add to realism

Your real house: make it with close resemblence and use the real material its made of

Thank you all for listening to expectations, but always be creative don’t ever feel over stressed from these, so, strech the barriers a bit.

For starters

Hi! This is going to be a pretty simple blog, although epic! A few rules to start with are: no inappropriate language, no argueing over irrelivent topics i.e my country is better than your country, no harassment of others, no demotion or hate. This blog is about survivalcraft, therefore feel free to express your thoughts and feelings, send links to epic worlds you’ve created, or just talk about something that happened. But, for the final time, please respect others for their desire to comment/blog here.